What is Amazing Dunia

Budget traveling, Budget travel tips

Amazing Dunia is a platform and organization that will capture all possibility of budget traveling and budget travel tips, through this platform we will share all activities regarding trip like Budget travelling, transportation, fooding & lodging etc.

People are thinking traveling is most expensive but it’s a big lie. Yes, it is expensive but not that much. If you divide the expenses, then you can mainly divide in three-part. Fist accommodation, second transportation and the third fooding.

We will share all the possibility cheap ways to travel through this site who wish to explore the world but can’t do it thinking that traveling is most expensive.    

Through this platform, we will try to show you this beautiful world, and how incredible the world is. Our influencers always try to travel on a budget and make videos in Hindi to make aware people in India and South Asia that traveling is not a costly affair. We wish everyone to explore this beautiful world and learn the best things to make our world a better place to live.

We are inviting the influencers to share their experience and we would love to do this.

Thank You