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How to travel on a budget : Travel Inspiration

How to travel on a budget: Travelers tips and hacks

Hi Im Andy Rajput

Welcome to my world, Hey guys I’m a an influencer and digital content creator. I like to travel and explore the world, through this channel “Nomadic Andy” I will try to show you this wonderful world how amazing and incredible the world is? I always try to budget traveling, I will also explain in this article How to travel on a budget. I make videos in Hindi to make aware people in India and South-Asia that travelling is not a costly affair. I wish everyone explore this beautiful world and learn the best things to make our world a better place to live.

How to travel on a budget
Amazing dunia

I have started my passion by first trip to Thailand which lead me towards my passion, It’s not like I’m visiting a country for the first time, I have been to many countries before. But this time Thailand is my first step towards my passion. I will try to explore completely, and capture in my memories and through my small camera, also I will share all my activities and How to travel on a budget through my YouTube channel i.e. “Nomadic Andy” I hope you will like my vlog and support me to lead my passion.  

Let’s come and explore the beautiful world together.

Sometimes a person cannot do whatever he wants to do, the reason can be anything. But in the end of time man feels himself guilty that if I had done this thing at that time, I might not have regretted today. I did something similar in my life.

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I spent so many years of my life with the excuse that I can’t do it because my situation is not good, I don’t have accessories, I don’t have money, how to travel on a budget, blah blah.

With all these excuses, I kept stopping myself and did not do what I should have done. Instead of following my passion, I kept doing 10-06 job, which I don’t want at all, but it is said that the “Majboori ka naam Mahatma Gandhi” the same happened to me too.

Well, this is who I was, but now. Guys the year 2022 brought a new dawn for me because whatever I could not do so far from so many years, I did in this 2022. I took those decisions which lead me towards my passion, finally I decided to follow my passion and I left my all old boring life which I was living as well as I learned by experience how to travel on a budget

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Traveling, meeting new people, visiting new places and exploring them have been my hobby since childhood. Finally, I am living that life now. I wish to see this beautiful world created by the God, meet new people, understand their culture and feel them.

Guys, neither I am a big professional vlogger nor a big content creator, even then I have come out to wander and see this beautiful world with a simple mobile and laptop, I don’t know how it will be possible but will definitely, all I need your love and support

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